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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hi! *waves* I'm going to be a lot more active on here. I basically built half the site and then it languished in the interwebs like Boba in the pit.
Today we're going to talk about queries and fulls!
If you queried me before September 1st and didn't get an answer I didn't get your query. Please resend.
If I've had your manuscript since before the dawn of time, I apologize, and I'm reading them all and giving answers this week and next.
I'm finally caught up on all the things and I want to take on a few more clients!
Some things I really want:
Middle grade fantasy and contemporary with heart.
YA paranormal- maybe werewolves!

Also a YA Dead Poet's Society featuring super smart girls.
For adult I would like all your epic fantasy a la Name of the Wind.
I'd also like you to tell me the kinds of things you'd like me to be talking about on here in the comments. I'll probably start talking about client releases and those sorts of things and giveaway ARCs but what things about agents mystify you? Let's demystify them together!

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