Query + First Chapter Class!

Monday, March 28, 2016

I used to offer this class quite regularly and it helped a lot of people! I'm back to having time to do that now.

The class costs $100 and you'll work with me on building the best query and first chapter for your book that's readying submission.

Week 1: Send in your queries and first chapters.
Week 2: Revise query and first chapter based on notes given.
Week 3: Finalize any secondary revisions and get advice on the querying process.
Week 4: Ask any burning questions.

I'm only accepting ten people for the April class and it is on first come first serve basis. Email literaryvikingedits@gmail.com with your intent to participate. If you're one of the first ten people I will follow up with all the instructions.

Let's kick some query ass!

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