Queries are OPEN! Also NEWS on THINGS! Oh and a QUESTION!

Thursday, November 03, 2016

To your immediate left please see a sampling of SnapChat selfies. :D

I have a couple of things today.

Firstly we are open to queries again. Jessie, Zach, and I are all caught up and we want to sign some amazing authors and send more book love out into the world.

Speaking of Jessie he's now an assistant instead of an intern. Jessie will be taking the lead on some projects with the help of Bob and I and hopefully will decide being an agent is for him. The first step is this initial training and we need new authors and books!

Secondly I want to start blogging here more often. So in the comments as you're congratulating Jessie on his well-deserved move please let me know the subjects you'd like to learn more about.

We are especially looking for diverse books and own voices.

I very much want a lower MG that focuses on a kid that uses a Magic 8 Ball to make all of life's decisions.

As we say goodbye to pumpkin spice and hello to gingerbread lattes I wish you the best. #blessed

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS JESSIE. And Pam - how do you reach the decision to open/close for queries? I've heard some agents say that closing for queries is quite an arduous process, while others prefer to have open periods.