May Query Class Signup!

Monday, April 27, 2020

Several folks have emailed and sent messages over social media asking when I would start my classes up again as I'm back to agenting full-time now. I have missed doing these so much and since there seems to be a need, tada!

The cost of the class is $50. There's are a limited number of spaces available. The signup form will be taken offline when the class is full. To sign up send $50 via Paypal to After you've sent your payment, fill out the signup sheet below.

Class Schedule:
11th - I will email you a formula to write your query.
12th - Turn in your query. I'll critique it and get it back to you for round two.
13th- Turn in your final version of your query. If it requires more editing I will send your draft back.
14th - I'll send back final edits.
15th - A day for questions.

If you can't see the form below click here to be redirected.

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