Manuscript Wishlist

In all areas, I am looking to further the conversation about diversity in publishing. I am specifically interested in Asian and LGBT voices and want to hear from anyone with an own voices manuscript. 

I would KILL for K-Drama YA books in all genres.

Picture Books:

I want fun and quirky voices but am not afraid to deal with the sad stuff too. I will accept authors, author-illustrators, or just illustrators. Some books I love are Snappsy the Alligator Did Not Ask to Be in This Book, I Love You Like a Pig, Dragons Love Tacos, Stars, Press Here, Don't Push the Button.

Middle Grade:

I don't really do chapter books but if one were crazy good I'd to totally think about it so go ahead and query them.
Look no further than Dan Gemeinhart and Andrew Scott Chilton to find out what I love about MG. I really like contemporary issue books in this space. I would like to have a diverse Rick Riordon sort of book.

Young Adult:

I want vampires, witches, and werewolves right now. Also, own voices. I'd kill for a black witch book or a Korean vampire novel.

Adult Fiction:

I am open to anything and everything EXCEPT scifi, mystery, and thriller. I especially like super dirty or super clean romance.